Thank you for choosing Nanjing Deda New Material Technology Ltd as your trusted provider of chemicals. We are committed to ensuring the smooth and efficient delivery of your orders. Please review our logistic policy below to understand the shipping methods and processes we offer.

1. Shipping Methods

1.1. Express Shipping
We offer express shipping options such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, DPD and EMS. Express shipping is suitable for time-sensitive deliveries and offers reliable tracking and delivery services. Please note that the availability of express shipping may vary depending on your location.

1.2. Special Line Shipping
In addition to express shipping, we provide a special line shipping service for certain regions. This option is particularly beneficial for customers who require assistance with customs clearance. Our team will handle the necessary paperwork and ensure smooth transit through customs for your convenience.

1.3. Sea Shipment
For customers who prefer cost-effective shipping for large or bulk orders, we offer sea shipment services. Sea shipment is suitable for international deliveries and allows for the transportation of substantial quantities of chemicals. Please note that sea shipments may have longer transit times compared to express shipping.

1.4. Air Shipment
We also offer air shipment services for customers who require faster delivery than sea shipment but do not necessarily need an express service. Air shipments provide a balance between speed and cost-effectiveness for your convenience.

1.5. Land Shipment
In some cases, land shipment is available for regional or domestic deliveries. This option is suitable for customers located in close proximity to our distribution centers and offers a cost-effective solution for timely deliveries.

2. Customs Clearance

2.1. Documentation
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate and complete documentation required for customs clearance. Please ensure that all relevant permits, licenses, and certificates are provided to facilitate the smooth transit of your shipment through customs.

2.2. Double Clearance Service
We understand that customs clearance procedures can be complex and time-consuming. To assist our customers, we offer a double clearance service for those who are unable to handle the clearance process themselves. Our team will handle the necessary documentation and procedures to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

3. Delivery Times and Tracking

3.1. Delivery Times
The delivery times for your order will vary depending on the shipping method selected, the destination, and any customs processes involved. We strive to provide estimated delivery times during the ordering process, but please note that these are estimates and may be subject to unforeseen delays.

3.2. Tracking
For all shipments, we provide tracking information once the order has been dispatched. You can track your parcel with the tracking code or contact our customer support team.

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding our Logistic Policy, please contact our customer support team at (whatsapp +86 17772621197). We are here to help.